DIY: Metallic Gold Phone Cover

Here is an easy DIY project I made last weekend. You can try this too using any old phone cover or if you're just going for a more customised look on your current phone cover.

What you'll need:
*Spray paint (in grey primer, clear coat and metallic gold or any colour you prefer).
*Craft paper
*Any tool to scrape the old cover (I used my scissors)

1. Scrape off old paint or coloring from your phone cover.
2. Wipe cover clean.
3. Coat with grey primer and leave in open air to dry.
4. When primer is dry, coat cover with your metallic gold paint and let it dry for a few minutes.
5. Apply a second coat of paint.
6. After that dries, apply your clear coat to finish.

*The finished cover looks good by itself but if you want to bedazzle it like I did, just add some rhinestones and glue to create any design you want.

I hope you'll be able to try this sometime. Tweet me pictures if you do! :)

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