Cause To Celebrate (FMSC)

Yesterday, my sister and I decided to volunteer with an organization called "Feed My Starving Children" for our birthday. It is a great Christian organization that packs meals for hungry children all over the world. I came across this organization while searching the internet for places to volunteer in Arizona and I'm glad we went with this one. We had the best time packing our batch of meals for kids in the Philippines.

The best thing about this charity is that kids can volunteer here too. I'll totally recommend FMSC if you're looking for a great cause to support with your friends and family. So if you have as little as two hours to spare in a day, you can register for packing sessions at your nearest FMSC location and help pack food for hungry kids across the globe. Visit to register for a session, donate or find the nearest place to volunteer.

Also, you can click the banner at the bottom of the page to donate your next birthday to charity: water and help in the global effort to provide families with clean water.

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