2016 Birthday Campaign (Heifer International)

With a new year comes a new birthday and a new campaign. This year, we (my sister and I) are dedicating the month of February to raising funds and awareness about a cause that is committed to lifting people out of poverty. Here's a preview of the work of Heifer International around the world.

Heifer International is a charity which focuses on eliminating hunger and poverty by empowering families with agricultural resources that ensure more than just food security. They provide animals and other agricultural items to families in need with training on how to turn these items into sources of food and income for themselves and their communities. Heifer encourages self-sustainability through the pay-it-forward approach by helping families share the resources and training they receive with other families in need. They also invest in education, women, small businesses, and more.

The aim of our campaign is to raise money to help Heifer's work. All donations are directed to areas where they're needed most. Support our campaign by visiting here to donate.

Use the hashtags #HeiferTwinTeam and #WhenCowsFly to promote this campaign on social media. Visit www.heifer.org  for more information.

Donate now and give the gift of life.

Thank you for your support!

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