DIY Water Marbling

Persistent rains have kept me indoors for the better part of the last few days, so I thought I'd try my hands at something fun; water marbling! It seemed like the perfect easy indoor activity to keep me occupied. This brilliant nail art is a first for me, plus I liked the idea of ending up with extra fancy-looking nails.

Surprisingly, what looked like a 'piece-of-cake' turned out quite trickier than I expected, as you'll see later in this post. I tried it in two different ways, nonetheless, and the results were, well... you be the judge!

Project 1: Nail Art
There are a few things you'll need: a bowl of water (at room temperature), nail polishes (in white, clear coat and other colors of choice), cotton buds and towel/ paper towel.

* Prep your nails and apply base coat as you would when applying regular polish.

* Apply 1 to 2 coats of white polish, let dry for a few minutes.

*  Apply single drops of nail polish (in the colors of your choice) to the surface of the water, beginning from the center of each previous drop of polish.

* Let sit for a few seconds.

* Put your finger in the water gently so that the design formed sticks onto your nail directly. Remove excess polish around your finger with a cotton bud.

* Repeat for all your fingers.

* When dry, clean around your fingers with nail polish remover, then apply your top coat.

* Let dry for a few more minutes and you're done!

Project 2: Little Decorative Pieces
You'll need (in addition to items in project 1): disposable cups, cotton balls.

I applied the same procedure using disposable cups instead.

* Coat disposable cup with clear polish, let dry for about 3 minutes.

* Apply your droplets of nail polish to the water, beginning from the center of each previous drop.

* Let sit for seconds.

* Lower the bottom of the cup gently into the water, making sure that the patterns formed stick onto the cup as you prefer.

* Set cup facing up-side down on paper towel to dry.

* Fill with beads, cotton balls, marbles, etc and stick a flower on top to finish. You can use this as decor to spruce up little empty spaces.

I hope you found these enjoyable! Get creative and give it a try!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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